Pier 17, New York City
06.20 - 23.2022

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Day 1

Mon, 6/20

LCD Soundsystem

Day 2

Tue, 6/21

Lil Baby

Special guest: Timbaland
Day 3

Wed, 6/22

The Roots

Day 4

Thu, 6/23

Lil Wayne
Snoop Dogg
& Eminem

4 Days. 5-10pm daily.
Pier 17, New York City.

  • BAYC, MAYC, & guests only

  • 18+ to enter, 21+ for open bar

  • Music, merch, art, open bar, free food before, during & after

  • New performers each night (no spoilers)

  • Treats from fellow apes: Bored & Hungry, Champ Medici’s Bored Taco, and Dr. Bombay’s Sweet Exploration



The online merch store is open! Open to BAYC/MAYC holders only (not +1s) once you’ve attended ApeFest.

  • You can bring anyone as your +1 as long as they are 18+. Both you and your +1 will need to show a driver’s license, state ID, or passport at the door, and you must enter with your +1. We do not need your +1’s name or any other information ahead of time when you request your tickets.

  • tokenproof is a token-gating solution that allows you to safely prove ownership of your tokens. tokenproof issues a verifiable credential for proof of account ownership by binding the account to your mobile device while the actual wallet remains disconnected. Once you’re enrolled, tokenprooof can authenticate your ownership of your assets without connecting to your wallet in the future. For ApeFest, It will display an animated QR code that verifiers can scan.

  • No, there is no secondary market for ApeFest tickets. Tickets were not designed to be transferable, so there is no safe way to transfer a ticket.

  • Both ticket distribution and the waitlist work on a first-come, first-serve basis based on when you made your ticket request and in what order you ranked your requested dates. For any dates where requests outnumber available tickets, anyone not given a ticket is automatically added to the waitlist. As ticket-holders exchange or cancel tickets, those tickets will become available and you will be moved off the waitlist depending on when you made your request. The waitlist will remain open past 5pm ET each day for that day’s event so that +1 no-show spots can go to waitlisted apes.

  • Yes. Once you have a ticket, you can request an exchange on the tokenproof app. You won’t lose your original ticket – you will only release it once the ticket for your new date is confirmed.